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Less chaos. More calm.

In-spired Living starts here.

Want to feel fulfilled, energised and connected again?

I help professionals build a life where their actions, thoughts, values and passions are aligned. I call this In-spired Living and believe it’s how we’re meant to live. Any deviance is as unnatural as thwarting the blossoming of a flower.

To Inspire


From mid-14c. enspiren,
to fill the mind and heart with grace.

Start your journey to In-spired Living today

Courses, events and services

Meditation for Busy People

4-week online course

Starts 3 September 2024

Learn how to stop over-thinking, access mental quietness and change your life forever.

A Year of Self-Discovery

Self-paced Course over 52 weeks

On demand

Start your journey toward a deeper understanding of your most in-spired self.

The Gift of Education

Tax planning

Before 30 June

Help change the lives of the most vulnerable Nepalese children by making a tax-deductible contribution.

Inner Calm and Balance

Reiki Treatment

By appointment

Help your mind unwind and body rejuvenate with this traditional and subtle healing technique.

Pain-point Coaching

On-line session

By appointment

Gain clarity and solutions with this targeted coaching session.

Know Thyself

Enneagram typing and coaching

On demand

Understand yourself better and receive a personal development roadmap which uses your natural strengths.

Employee Thrive

Bespoke wellness programme

By appointment

Mindfulness-based training to foster a connected and socio-psychologically safe workplace.

I’m glad you’re here.

For over the past ten years, I’ve been helping professionals navigate change, overcome exhaustion and pursue their own version of success to ultimately thrive in both their private and professional lives.

From experience, I know that recovering from burnout is about recovering lost authenticity. It’s about simplifying and shedding the things we’re not or that no longer serve us. It’s about re-connecting with who we really are before society told us who we had to be.

Just as all mighty oaks grow from little acorns, I believe we too are hard-wired to evolve. I also know it takes courage, all the more there is no clear roadmap.

In-spired Living is not a destination you’ll reach, rather it’s a journey you embrace. It’s a bit like following a star and staying on the path because it feels right. Remain open to the endless possibilities of life at all times.

If this journey towards In-spired Living speaks to you, it would be my honour to accompany you.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.


Start your 6-month guided journey towards
In-spired Living today

It’s your time.

Why go through life when you can grow through life?


Wondering what your In-Spired Life will look like?



A wide range of organisations have trusted me to grow their people and teams, and I thank them. I’m also proud to be on the coaching panel for the NSW Government.